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Vern Bender

About the Author
Vern J. Bender is a local historian at Ocean Isle Beach. While a native of Saginaw, Michigan, he has been a property owner at Ocean Isle Beach since 1979. Mr. Bender received a BS degree in marketing from Michigan State University. Vern has over 35 years of field and corporate executive experience in retail and financial management. He has held various field and national management positions with Sears, Roebuck & Co., and TransAmerica Corporation, San Francisco, California.
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• An expanding universe creates its own space. • A quantum theory of gravity is needed. • Spacetime has no edge. • Order evolved from chaos and light out of the darkness. • A single set of laws control the universe. • The matter was frozen out of energy, resulting in...

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THE COSMIC CODE COMPLEXITY EMERGES FROM SIMPLICITY. However, IT IS NOT RANDOM. ‘ EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE EXISTS BY THE FUNDAMENTAL FORCES OF NATURE.   The universe came with fundamental constants.  If these constants had varied by one iota, you wouldn’t be...

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