Objective Reality May Not Exist, Quantum Experiment Suggests | Physics | Sci-News.com
  • The materialistic and reductionistic scientific worldview is yielding to a novel scientific conception of subjective consciousness and objective reality. The doors of perception can deliver a version of reality or a version of delusion, free to choose, kinda.
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  • As your eyes are looking out at the world, your mind is creating an understanding of the view and its context by using your memory.
  • Your prediction machine is constantly adjusting to the environment it is currently perceiving. The idiosyncrasies of our personal biology and history shape our perceptual experiences of the world and its internal constructions. Are we perceiving the world as it is or not? Secondary qualities such as color exist only in our minds. Perceptual expectations shape our conscious experiences. Our ethereal mind interacts with the physical world in a binary way. Our perceptions of reality are not faithful representations, but constructed virtual reality simulations.
  • What Quantum Physics Can Tell You About Your Identity | by R. David Dixon Jr. | Mission.org | Medium
  • We are more likely to perceive things we expect. Delirium and delusions disrupt the continuity of our self perception and personal identity. Understanding the fundamental nature of reality is a never-ending thing.
  • Our subjective reality interfaces with the objective reality that we are currently facing. Our objective consciousness lies underneath this interface. Information-theoretic: Information theory is the mathematical treatment of the concepts, parameters, and rules governing the transmission of messages through communication systems.
  • Objective vs. Subjective Reality | Musings on the Nature of Reality