• In trillions of years, randomness could never discover the exact numerical values of the parameters necessary to bring forth a universe in working order or even one in disarray. Nothing will work if one of the twenty-something parameters is off by a hair. The Event Originator had to choose amongst an infinite set of possibilities each time.
  • If something is working, it didn’t happen accidentally. 
  • The Universe is wired to produce life. To create life, the laws of nature with the requisite numerical constants within those laws, along with local features of a habitable planet, must be accurate to the nth degree. These features must fall within a very narrow range of possible values for chemical-based life to be possible. The values of these physics constants were finely adjusted to make life possible. Origin of life explanations without design never have and never will work.
  • The software package needed to accomplish the buildout,  design, and to operate-maintain systems for our Universe includes:
  • 1. Fine-tune and synch all components.
  • 2. Write the code for the laws of physics and the physical constants, and set the Universe’s initial conditions.
  • 3. Do the same for the Big Bang, the cosmological constants*, the subatomic particles, atoms, and the force of gravity.
  • 4. Ditto for carbon nucleosynthesis (the basis of all life on earth), the Milky Way Galaxy, the Solar System, the sun, the Earth, and the moon.
  • 5. Finally, do the water, the electromagnetic spectrum, and biochemistry.
  1. *Gravitational force constant
  2. Electromagnetic force constant
  3. Strong nuclear force constant
  4. Weak nuclear force constant
  5. Cosmological constant
  • The creation and operation of a universe take a lot of coding and smarts.
  • Randomness can’t even build a bobsled—ditto for natural selection. Time, matter, and chance can’t make a single living cell. Unguided randomness will always result in devolution and degradation. Randomness would also result in the rapid loss of genetic information. Random mutations and natural selection would make evolution self-limiting. 
  • A life that arises from an unguided, blind process can never happen. Life requires too much information.
  • The Universe demonstrates immense specified complexity. Complex and specified patterns are everywhere in nature.
  • All life forms on earth evolved out of primeval slime is a fairy tale.
  • Biosphere Definition & Image | GameSmartz
  • Our planet’s atmosphere is an example of nature’s fine-tuning that can produce a flourishing life. Environmental fitness was woven into our biosphere. For the process of photosynthesis to function on earth, visible light must be able to hit the ground.
  • Science needs to either stay in its lane or expand the scope of its study. Currently, science often draws conclusions that lie outside of its realm using omniscient tones. Science sometimes concludes, on its chalkboards, things that lie beyond the proper domain of empirical science and its strictly delimited methodological parameters. A lot of erudite virtue-signaling has pontificated. Claims are made which are unamenable to reason.
  • For example, Darwinism has no answer about how evolution developed the unspecified machinery that runs a cell. Imponderables are ignored. Darwinism provides no practical solutions to the problems it claims to solve.
  •  Some scientists and philosophers find a system they favor and then strive to make it match their desired outcome.
  • Fine tuning of the Universe
  • The Universe has arisen, unguided by anything but natural law. The Darwinian paradigm remains vague. The Universe has emerged guided only by natural law.
  • Darwinism ignores or glosses over immense and unfathomable complexities.
  • The times are changing.