• The NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope’s mid-infrared view of the Pillars of Creation strikes a chilling tone. Thousands of stars in this region disappear from view — and seemingly endless layers of gas and dust become the centerpiece. Dust detection by Webb’s Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI) is critical — dust is a significant ingredient for star formation. Many stars are actively forming in these dense blue-grey pillars. When knots of gas and dust with sufficient mass form in these regions, they begin to collapse under their gravitational attraction, slowly heat up, and eventually form new stars. Although the stars appear to be missing, they aren’t. Stars typically do not emit much mid-infrared light. Instead, they are most straightforward to detect in ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared light. In this MIRI view, two types of stars can be identified. The stars at the end of the thick, dusty pillars have recently eroded most of the more distant material surrounding them, but they can be seen in mid-infrared light because cloaks of dust still cover them. In contrast, blue tones indicate older stars that have shed most of their gas and dust. Mid-infrared light also details dense regions of gas and dust. The red region toward the top, which forms a delicate V shape, is where the dust is diffuse and cooler. Although it may seem like the scene clears toward the bottom left of this view, the darkest grey areas are where the densest and most remarkable dust regions lie. Notice that many fewer stars and no background galaxies are popping into view. Webb’s mid-infrared data will help researchers determine precisely how much dust is in this region — and what it’s made of. These details will make models of the Pillars of Creation far more precise. Over time, we will understand how stars form and burst out of these dusty clouds over millions of years.

  • Truth-seeking, mostly, devolves into a political ideology of one kind or another.. Scientists, for the most part, need to get over themselves. They must start with methodological pluralism, which admits the possibility of considering natural and intelligent or guided causes for natural phenomena. Pursuing only Materialistic causes and effects is a dead-end street. Scientistic materialism is the term proponents of creationism and intelligent design use to describe what is and will be. The founders of science believed that God had created everything. Darwin gave science an excuse to kick God out as the Creator of this Universe and us. For 150 years or so, atheism has ruled science.
  • God is the Creator, and evolution is the process. A high school student should be able to figure that one out if the teachers stop the brainwashing. The Devil has flim-flamed science for 150 years, more or less. The Devil is the father of all lies and one clever son of a bitch. He goes after the intelligent people; the not-smart people are left to their thoughts. Stupid is as stupid does. Our planet goes around our sun every 24 hours. We count that as a day. God created the universe in seven God-eons and called it good—man-made days are man’s, and God keeps track of time His way. Man’s day has nothing to do with God’s day.
  • Time is running out on Lucifer’s control of science. Intelligent design is winning the science battle.
    Lucifer had great victories running Stalinist-Marxism for decades. Especially in the USSR, China, North Korea, and some smaller Countries. The Stalin and Mao killing machines killed more people than Hitler, by far. However, killing machines, sooner or later, run out of people to kill. What can the Devil do now? His new ticket to ride is Global Cultural Marxism.
    Cultural Marxists have gained more influence than ever before. Cloaking their goals under the pretense of social justice, these cultural Marxists want to distort America’s history and dismantle its very foundations. Unless Curtural-Marxist ideas are defeated, their proponents will push the United States to follow a totalitarian ideology that obliterates freedom and opportunity. The mainstream media are in cahoots with these true believers. Academia is brainwashing your children and grandchildren. Social media is a willing participant in converting your kids and grandkids to Cultural Marxist beliefs. As Alinsky always said, “Never let them see you coming.” You are going to fade away and die; they want to own your kids and grandkids.
    Just remember, when you’re messing with the Devil, you’re messing with a son of a bitch.