• Communism took over Russia in the early 1900s. Marx and Engels believed that socialism would only be an intermediate stage necessary to achieve a communist society. Global societies would no longer be divided into classes, there would be no private property, and the world government would rule the world—a classless society, except for the ruling class. Everybody else is equally poor. All resources are commonly owned.
  •  For society to be classless, people need to abolish the existing control system and division of private property. Social equality is established, and democracy is gone. Communism requires a total abolition of personal property. Heavy progressive income tax on everyone. Elimination of rights of inheritance. Property rights confiscation. State-centralized banking. Government ownership of transportation and communication systems.
  • Government ownership of agricultural means and factories. Eventual redistribution of the population around the country to equalize it. Free education for children in public schools. Marx is considered the father of Communism. Lenin is the one who put his theories into practice, effectively turning Russia from a czarist nation to a communist one. Stalin took Communism to new heights when he governed the Soviet Union from 1922 until 1953. Mao Zedong founded the communist movement in China and ruled the country for more than 25 years until his death in 1976. Ho Chi Minh is credited with spreading Communism to Vietnam. Kim Il-sung in North Korea worked closely with Russia and China to install Communism.
  • Marx listed three critical phases toward achieving his idea of utopia. Phase 1: A revolution must take place to overthrow the current Government. Phase 2: A dictator or elite leader (or leaders) must gain absolute control over the proletariat. Phaswhase 3: Achievement of utopia. This phase has never been attained because it requires that all non-communist countries be destroyed for the Communist Party to achieve supreme equality. Communism is a branch of socialism.
  • Today, there are 6 Communist countries: Russia (The USSR went away in the early 1990s). North Korea (Since 1948). China (Since 1949). Vietnam (Since 1954). Cuba (Since 1959). Laos (Since 1975).
  • Autocracy vs. Authoritarianism. An Autocracy is an  Authoritarianism-Light.
  • Balkanization divides larger sovereign countries or regions into smaller, often ethnically similar, countries or regions.
  • Imperialism is expanding a nation’s authority over other countries by acquiring land and the imposition of economic and political domination. The British Empire started its decline during World War ll. The British Empire ended in 1956 when the Suez Canal was nationalized.
  • Throughout history, many indigenous societies and cultures have been destroyed by imperialistic expansion.
  • Totalitarianism, authoritarianism, and fascism are all forms of Government characterized by a strict central rule that attempts to control and direct all aspects of individual life through coercion and repression.
  •  Fascism had its origin in the 20th century.
  •  Fascism was born in Italy following World War 1. Nazism in Germany showed up a decade or so later. After World War ll, Neo-Fascism and Neo-Natzism went underground with cult-like status. In the 2022 election, Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s first woman prime minister, heads up the most right-wing Government since World War ll. Her rightist bloc has a solid majority in both houses of parliament, potentially ending years of upheaval and fragile coalitions.
  •  Hitler’s beliefs shaped Nazism’s ideology in the German population. The belief in the racial superiority of Germans was widespread.   Nazi propaganda stirred hopes for a better future. A myth unified the Germans. General economic misery, fear, and the perception of worse times to come offered fertile ground for the rise of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party. Neo-Nazism is currently a global phenomenon, with organized representation in many countries and international networks.
  • Marx predicted the spread of capitalism across the planet in search of new markets. Capitalism’s chaotic, recession-prone nature was crucial to Marx’s writings. He argued that the relentless drive for profits would lead companies to mechanize their workplaces, producing more and more goods while squeezing workers’ wages. Many Great Depressions will happen, and asset bubbles will burst. Marx also predicted that fictitious financial capital instruments like crypto-currency,credit-default swaps, junk bonds, and tricked-up financial transactions would help destroy democracy.
  • The Globalization of Capitalism will pave the way for Global Communism. The relentless search for new markets, cheap labor, and constant demand for more natural resources are beasts that demand continuous feeding. He predicted this in 1848. He also wrote that market power would be centralized in large monopoly firms as businesses increasingly preyed upon each other. Marx believed that a reserve army of labor would hold wages down. Open borders around the world are accomplishing that prediction. Too many workers floating around equals lower salaries. Global banks have replaced small community banks. Big box chains of stores have replaced mom-and-pop retailers.
  • The American media runs the propaganda machine for the mega-corporations that own them. Destroying Christianity is a goal of the left. The left runs NGOs. The left says that the Christian right is fascist.
  • How to get back to where we once belonged and not have to live under Communism.
  • The plan to re-hab America off the heroin of Global Trade:
  • Governments have three primary means to restrict trade: quota systems, tariffs, and subsidies. Quota systems allow governments to control the number of imports to help protect domestic industries. A quota system imposes restrictions on the specific number of goods imported into a country.
  • To improve our supply chains, move manufacturing plants back to America. Train and re-train our workforce on the skill sets needed in today’s marketplace.  
  • Eliminate the unchecked power of the financial elites.
  • Alinsky’s community organizers are Communists in disguise. One became President of the  United States.
  • After World War ll, Great Britain and the United States constructed the post-war world’s three foundational pillars. Human Rights, The United Nations, and the World Bank. Those three pillars have been controlling us ever since. When Clinton allowed China into the (WTO) World Trade Organization and signed onto NAFTA, America started its descent into oblivion.
  • Our Government needs to stop subsidizing High-Tech. The Democratic Party is in cahoots with High-Tech. to fix elections and keep track of Republicans. The Democrats have the CIA and the rest of the intelligence agencies working for them. The Democrats have also corrupted and weaponized the top tier of the FBI and the IRS.
  • Our Government has deemed our big banks and financial institutions too big to fail. They make risky bets, overleverage their assets, and devise bogus financial instruments (junk bonds, unsecured loans, default swaps, etc.)   Our Government has bailed them out, at our expense, four or five times in the last few decades. Now, these liberals are re-distributing our wealth via their New Green Deal. Developing countries are to get reparations from us. They are killing our fossil fuel industry. They are replacing fossil fuels with windmills and sunshine.
  1. Boost domestic production through on-shoring and near-shoring. Made-in-America products get tax breaks when starting up production. Quota systems, tariffs, and subsidies. Return manufacturing plants to America. Bring the money back from foreign countries on a one-time no-tax basis. You must invest that one-time money in new plants and equipment.
  2. Eliminate excessive transportation regulations.
  3. Shut down our borders.
  4. Fight anti-competitive practices.
  5. Mitigate geopolitical tensions. Restore social bonds.
  6. America’s school system has been in decline for decades. The Teacher’s Union is the cause of the fall. We must provide better education, apprenticeships, career training, and less rigid labor and export regulations. More Charter and private schools need to be delivered asap.
  7. Open nationwide skilled trade high schools—open new generations of computer and high-tech high schools and colleges.