• Intelligent design and descent is the best explanation for the fine-tuning of the laws of physics and chemistry.  The moral sense of humans cannot be explained by undirected processes.  A materialistic explanation of the origin of life states that Darwinian evolution is sufficient to account for new forms of life.  Change over time, common ancestry?  that the evolutionary process is purely blind and unguided.
  • Design was part of the foundational assumption of modern science.
  • TOP 25 INTELLIGENT DESIGN QUOTES (of 88) | A-Z QuotesEpigenetics is the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.
  • Epigenetics has transformed the way we think about genomes.   Epigenetics is the term used to describe inheritance by mechanisms other than through the DNA sequence of genes. It can apply to characteristics passed from a cell to its daughter cells in cell division and to traits of a whole organism.  It is a higher level of information.
  • Building a new gene, even bottom up is randomly impossible.  The same for the components of circuits and control networks.
  • Use today’s causes to infer the past ones.  A materialist process can’t do it, only consciousness can.  Re-wiring an existing gene can’ be accomplished randomly either.  Control systems must be built up to achieve specified results.  Life unfolds, but its complexity doesn’t just show up, the information was built in before the unfolding.  Information is always first to show up.
  • The workings of human consciousness are similarly miraculous. Like the laws of mathematics, consciousness has no physical presence in the world; the images and thoughts in our consciousness have no measurable dimensions.
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