• Natural selection is the process that causes living organisms to adapt and change over time. Darwin came up with this theory over 150 years ago. The problem is that no natural law can originate information. Darwinism states that resources are limited in nature; organisms with heritable traits that favor survival and reproduction tend to leave more offspring than their peers, causing the attributes to increase in frequency over generations.
  • Social Darwinism was all the rage 100 tears ago.
  • Theodosius Dobzhansky quote: Natural selection must be replaced by eugenical artificial selection. This...
  • Unguided natural law does not produce machinery, factories, or quality control. The Event Originator coded the necessary information into the blueprint of life. The Event Originator’s software programs put in the requisite life information and correctly flowed that information. Shining sunlight on a clump of disorderly mass and then waiting for the natural laws to turn out life is a pipe dream. Intelligence is the first cause behind atoms that become kinesins, ribosomes, and circadian clock proteins.
  • The idiot winds abound, swirling around Darwinism.
  • Daniel Dennett quote: Darwin's idea of natural selection makes people uncomfortable because it...
  • Randomness can’t even build a bobsled—ditto for natural selection. Time, matter, and chance can’t make a single living cell. Unguided randomness will always result in devolution and degradation. Randomness would also result in the rapid loss of genetic information. Random mutations and natural selection would make evolution self-limiting. 
  • A term that has become a religion for over a hundred years now.
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  • A life that arises from an unguided, blind process can never happen. Life requires too much information.
  • The Universe demonstrates immense specified complexity. Complex and specified patterns are everywhere in nature.
  • All life forms on earth evolved out of primeval slime is a fairy tale.
  • All things are triune, with binary interactives.
  • The coded information in the fundamental physics level software resides within the creation module itself.
  • The Big Bang coding lit the fuse to jump-start the Universe. Specified information is required to create and build a universe. Unspecified information can’t build a bobsled, multi-task, or achieve complex informational levels. Organized information complexity can’t arise out of primeval simplicity. Simple is as simple does.
  • The Intelligent Designer drives the boat via complex specified information. The Universe and life itself require that every application must have informational complexity. This complexity can be apparent or hidden. It is needed in the evolvement of mass, energy, space, and all three interactions. Ditto for the evolvement of life forms. All things are triune with binary interactives.
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  • The Intelligent Designer’s software contains coding to produce all the information each system needs. The software delivers it at the proper time and in the correct sequence. Blind evolution cannot build these-formation rich features. It also can’t get to the level of irreducible complexity; it runs out of talent long before that. Complex biochemical systems in nature could not have evolved by repeated small changes via natural selection. Functioning biological systems can’t self-upgrade. Repeated small changes by natural selection to an existing functioning system can’t upgrade it. Natural selection can only preserve structures that confer a functional advantage to an organism. There is no pathway to an upgrade. Unguided natural selection acts on random mutations and genetic drift; nothing will be produced. A blind, purposeless process with no directions or goals is useless. Proponents of neo-Darwinian evolution contend that the information in life arose via purposeless, blind, and unguided processes. 
  • Every part of an irreducibly complex system is necessary, take away even one, and the entire system will no longer work. Every part of an irreducibly complex system is essential, take away even one, and the whole system will no longer work. These complex systems are more than the sum of their parts because of their component interactions. The physics and the biology must be in sync.
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  • The informational properties of DNA are mathematically identical to language. Highly complex information systems don’t happen by chance or accident. The Event Originator’s software activates them. The software contains sequence-specific lines of code in the form of hierarchically arranged part components. Specified complexity does not crawl out of a primordial soup.
  • The software system drives the evolutionary process. It also created and operated the three levels of physics and chemistry, fundamental, quantum, and classic. The Intelligent Designer’s software does the build-out on all systems, along with fine-tuning the laws of physics and chemistry.
  1.  A vast amount of complex and specified information is encoded in a biochemical language. Life needs some machinery to read the information in the DNA and produce some sound output.
  2. The software system involves commands and codes that process the information. The machinery reads the bases and codes in our DNA.
  3. Irreducibly complex molecular machines and multi-machine systems operate life. Cells are thus constantly performing information processing. Cells function as miniature factories with motors, powerhouses, garbage disposals, gatekeepers, processing units, and the monitoring of the transportation corridors. Each cell also contains an elaborate network of interlocking assembly lines with large protein machines and highly coordinated moving parts. There are hundreds of these machines in every cell. The flagellum is a micro-molecular propeller assembly driven by a rotary engine that propels bacteria toward food or a hospitable living environment. The coding regions of DNA possess a high information content.