The Three Levels Of Physics E-Book


All the Information Needed to Birth and Run a Universe Starts at the Fundamental Level of Physics
Either SUSY Doesn’t Exist, or We Can’t Find It
Physics Moves its Coded Information from the Fundamental to the Quantum Level
Some Things Randomness and Natural Selection Can’t Do
Every Elementary Particle in the Universe Carries Encoded Data

All Things Are Triune E-Book


  • A Major Fundamental Change in Physics and Cosmology is at Hand
  • The Universe is an Information Processing Machine
  • A Monkey isn’t Your Uncle, Not Even Close
  • All Matter Particles Start Out on the Fundamental Level of Physics
  • The Process For The Creation of a Particle is Triune
  • Particles are birthed on the Fundamental Platform of Physics.

It's Not The People, It's The Event E-Book


  • Dark Energy is Controlled by Quintessence, a 5th Force Field
  • The Universe We Live in is Information-based, It Simulates Reality
  • Gravity is Not a Scalar Field, It Is More Complicated Than That
  • Gravity Runs the Universe’s Show, it Pushes on Mass and Light
  • Fermions and Bosons Obey Different Quantum Rules
  • The Laws of Physics in Outer Space Differ From Ours

The UFO Christianity Connection: Fact or Fiction (Books)

For many centuries, science and religion have remained staunchly independent. Whenever issues have developed that simultaneously touched on both areas, debate often ensued-for example, when scientists first proposed that the earth revolved around the sun, or when the theory of evolution was proposed.

There has always been a cultural disconnect between science and religion that has caused dissension and distrust. Research conducted by author Fred R. David, however, reveals that the missing link between science and religion may be UFOs or, more specifically, the beings inside those crafts.


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The History of Ocean Isle Beach

This ebook was created with the hope that all residents and visitors to Ocean Isle Beach will enjoy reading about people, places, and happenings in this area over the past thousand years. We wrote this book to preserve and bring to life the history, character, and charm of Ocean Isle Beach (OIB). We want people of all ages to enjoy the rich history of this area, from the lives of Cape Fear Indians to the explorations of Verrazano. This book illustrates and describes the exploits of OIB pirates, the rise of large plantations, our Revolutionary War fighters, the salt mills, the dueling matches, the Civil War wrecks, the Prohibition years of OIB liquor smuggling, the 1920’s OIB dance hall, the World War II shipwrecks here, the hard work of Mr. Odell Williamson, and OIB’s public servant individuals today.

This book is not intended to be comprehensive in its coverage of the history of this area, but rather to provide a glimpse into the trials, tribulations, successes, and failures of people who worked and lived here years ago. In many respects, everyone who lives or visits here owes what we have today to our forbearers who fought the good fight for us here – from Colonists who fought the British, to Confederate soldiers defending blockade runners at Tubbs Inlet, to Coast Guardsmen stationed on OIB during World War II. We have tried diligently in this book to record the exact day and year of historical events in this area. Indeed this whole book is laid out chronologically, beginning with the American Indians who lived at OIB thousands of years before Europeans arrived, and ending with names and pictures of current OIB public servant individuals.

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Shipwreck Diving North Carolina: Calabash to Southport

This ebook brings to life the shipwrecks off southeast North Carolina from Little River Inlet to Cape Fear Inlet. This area is sometimes called the South Brunswick Islands or Long Bay, and stretches from Calabash to Southport, including Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, Holden Beach, Oak Island, and Baldhead Island. This book provides stories and pictures of ships that ended up sinking off these beaches, as well as pictures and descriptions of marine life that live on these ships today.

We wrote this book to preserve the history of local shipwrecks – from the time when Spanish galleons sailed past here, to pirate ships and Civil War blockade runners, World War II freighters sunk by German U-boats, and even present day ships sunk in bad storms, such as the oceangoing tug Valour in 2006.

This book provides a glimpse into the trauma that sailors experienced just off the South Brunswick Islands coast. In some respects, everyone who lives or visits here owes what we have today to maritime warriors who fought the good fight for us – from Colonists who attacked British warships, to Confederate soldiers on blockade runners, to Coast Guardsmen patrolling the coast during World War II, and even modern-day seamen carrying cargo. We have tried in this book to describe as accurately as possible the last voyage of ships that found their final resting place off the southeast North Carolina coast. GPS numbers are provided for many wrecks.

Please note that this book is copyright protected and it is illegal to resell the digital copy.  We hope that you refer your friends and family to our website to purchase this eBook as well.


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The History of Ocean Isle Beach Driving Tour ( CD’s)

Listen to this 2 disk CD set that takes you on a tour both on and off Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Simulating a live tour, the narration uses precision timing to guide you through the area pointing out historic information, key sites and more!

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Ghosts of the Carolina Coast

The Ocean Isle Beach area has had a rich history of Spanish conquistadors, ante-bellum plantations, Indian wars, pirates, shipwrecks, slave ships, civil war battles, smugglers, speakeasies, man-made calamities and natural disasters.

This coastal region is also home to a rich diversity of mysteries, myths, phantoms, specters, and apparitions that span our distant past to our current headlines. Each of these paranormal events create a tapestry of stories and legends that reach into our imagination, touching on our greatest fears, confirming our strongest beliefs, demonstrating the depth of honor and duty, and yet confounding our senses.

In this collection of stories reported by The Star News, The News and Observer, The Southport Times, The Brunswick Beacon, Ghosts of America web page, and the Bald Head Island Gazette, I have assembled recollections, myths and legends of the Ocean Isle Beach area to give a unique perspective of our place in American folklore.

The Ghosts in the following pages have especially earned our fascination, fear, sympathy, and respect.



The Gause Plantation at Ocean Isle Beach

We’re pleased to offer all our fans and readers this new special report about a little known landmark in Brunswick County history: The Gause Plantation and the Gause Tomb.

The report is fully illustrated, thoroughly researched and is a terrific digital companion to our book; “The History of Ocean Isle Beach”.

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