• The universe is a complex quantum operating system.
  • The software that runs the quantum physics level produces the classical physics level. The code that runs the quantum level of physics originates at the fundamental level of physics.
  • Quantum mechanics differs from classical physics because energy, momentum, and angular momentum are predictable. Quantum physics acts within a system of discrete sliding scales of quantitated values.  Quantum mechanics is the operating system of the universe. Quantum physics operates on wave-particle duality. Fundamental physics and classical physics are both causals. Quantum physics is the facilitator between the two levels.  Quantum predictions are probabilistic; they activate on a scale basis at different times. Classical physics is derived from quantum physics. The quantum properties are incorporated into the classical construction module. Classical physics produced and operates a clockwork universe. Deterministic laws run the machinery of the universe’s physical reality. Quantum physics is the operational command and control system embedded within the classical level. The software control center is located on the fundamental level of physics. It constantly interfaces with the quantum operating system. Any discord that arises is keyed back into harmony. The tuning-up process of the quantum operating system can’t be seen by us.
  •  Quanta can behave like particles, and quanta can behave like waves. Light can be particles and waves, depending on your point of view. Determinism in classical physics means that the exact knowable properties, such as position and momentum, are accurately measurable independent of the observation process. In classical physics, things like electrons and atoms are treated as particles. Light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation are treated as waves.  In Classical physics, each particle has an exact position and momentum. The opposite is true in quantum physics.
  • Particles and fields function on a dynamic variables matrix. The patterns are ever-changing, depending on the need.  Chaos becomes deterministic in a flash on the quantum level.  At the quantum level, a particle chooses multiple least action paths simultaneously. Backup options are kept open. It is a fail-safe system. Two particles are entangled when they form one quantum system, regardless of distance. The nature and behavior of matter and energy at the subatomic level are called quantum physics and quantum mechanics. Quantum technologies are developing techniques to use entanglement to build quantum networking, teleportation, and cryptography. Quantum computing is already in use. Also, the quantum information processing industry is up and running.
  • Two quantum particles can become entangled, like pairs of atoms or photons. This means a property of one particle is linked to another particle. A change to one particle instantly affects the other, regardless of how far apart they are. This correlation is a key resource in quantum information technologies.