• We are carbon-based children of our Sun. No Sun equals no life. We are in the Goldilocks zone, not too hot or cold. Just right. The number of stars in the universe is peaking right now. Less bright is on the way down. The expansion of the universe is also making the universe less bright. Our sun will expand until it dies as a very large red giant.
  • Eventually,  red dwarf stars will be the only remaining stars. As stars burn down and cool out, their remaining minerals get locked up.
  • Our Milky Way Galaxy is a large spiral galaxy. Most galaxies are of the smaller variety.
  • Our universe is covered by a universe-wide cosmic web made of dark matter. This gigantic web keeps the universe in its intended shape. Every galaxy has a standard center with a black hole acting as a drain pipe.
  • Sunshine casts shadows upon the walls of the desert hut. Carbon-based children play, basking in the early morning sunshine. The great divide weeps away fleeting memories of happiness. The amber shades of rain these days are hard to explain.
  • Without the correct temperatures from our Sun, our carbon-based selves wouldn’t be here. No sun equals no life. There are two billion galaxies in our Milky Way Galaxy, an extensive spiral system consisting of several hundred billion stars, one of which is the Sun. 
  • The paradise you seek is a fraud centered within a lie. The Sun will continue to shine, with or without them. Every generation’s rebels are a dime a dozen. They believe in justice for them but not for thee. They grow up, and life goes on. Throw off their yokes and become free. Suppression comes in many flavors, colors, and sizes. Justice warriors are always looking for recruits for their causes. Most of us want to be left alone. Our Sun doesn’t care which way the wind is blowing.
  • The Islamic Empire grew big-time for one hundred years until the Mongols appeared. The Black Death plague swept across Europe soon after. Bagdad and Istanbul also fell along the way. These events set the stage for the Renaissance. The fall of the Roman Civilization kicked things off. Istanbul’s downfall was the final blow. The Middle Ages were finally over. The Jews said, “They tried to kill us, but we survived; let’s eat.” Today, it is Deva Vue all over again. The word Israel means “those who struggle with God.” Their Torah unifies them. As Telly says in The Fiddler on the Roof, “God, just once, could you choose somebody else?”
  • Abraham and Sarah came to Egypt from Mesopotamia (Iraq today). In 1,000 B. C., Moses brought the Jews out of Egyptian bondage to Israel, God’s promised Land for the Jews. A two-year journey took them forty years to complete. Along the way, God got Moses up on the mountain and wrote His Ten Commandants on a stone tablet. Moses never entered his Promised Land. Because of Moses’ sin of disobedience in the waters of Meribah Kadesh (Numbers 20:12Deuteronomy 32:51), Moses was not allowed to enter the Promised Land. Another mystery involves Jude 1:9, where we learn that when Moses died, the archangel Michael contended with the devil over the body of Moses. Moses was 120 years old at the time. OR, Moses died while attending a religious festival in Moab when he was 120 years old, according to the Bible.  You decide. (Source, Wikipedia).
  Alexander The Great’s empire brought the Hellenistic Greek culture to most conquered lands.