• Scientists now have images of giant neurons that branch from regions of the brain to the seat of Consciousness. They wrap around the brain in an organized manner. Nothing is wayward. The claustrum is the seat of Consciousness. This region of the brain enables awareness of the world and ourselves. The claustrum is a thin sheet of neurons attached to the underside of the neocortex in the brain’s center. This area activates the functionality of “I think; therefore, I am.” This area generates and maintains Consciousness. It also functions as an on-off switch for Consciousness.
  • Additionally, the area regulates the inputs and outputs of Consciousness. It receives information from almost all regions of the cortex and projects back to nearly all areas of the cortex. Consciousness is emergent, but it becomes a slippery concept because we can’t see it. We perceive conscious experience input via radio, television, and other visual and audio technologies. The brain is made up of a matrix of cellular computational elements. Consciousness outside the body can never be proved. What is being harvested is individual Consciousness. Consciousness is entirely generated by the brain and does not exist separately from or independent of the brain. Much of what we know is provided to us by the cultural and conceptual framework that surrounds us. Society’s prior and current knowledge, stored or unstored, is available to us. For the most part, it resides outside our direct perception. Experience exists inside human society and culture.
  • Selected visual memories are tucked away. Our other senses also have stored memories. A full range of reality images is also tucked away. You can easily pull them up and compare them for meaning with other values you have put in storage. They do slip-slide away with age. Your brain has many flash drives and larger storage units scattered around. Stored data is done in binary units with a triune interface. The trillions of synapses in the brain fire off signals continuously between neurons. Information is communicated instantly and stored selectively. The conscious mind stores and uses value judgments, open-ended creative capabilities,  and imagination. Hope, empathy, and all the rest are close by too. Unfortunately, fear and anger are still hanging around. Beliefs are artificial constructs; we do the belief build-out ourselves. We are wired with a broad array of human qualities. This array receives inputs and sends outputs. They all translate meanings and issue responses. The brain is the communication means to transfer intangible thought from a vastly complex few pounds of matter.
  • Science needs to break out of the constraints of materialism. The scientific paradigm and scope need to be expanded. The scientific method is infallible. Don’t ever change it. Science can only looks at the outer layer of reality. We selectively codify and store information within the brain.
  • Also, far too often, the prejudice that there is no God stifles scientific progress. Much scientific time and money are wasted upon doing there are no God workarounds. All of them fail. When science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in a decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.
  • The brain is an interface between the conscious self. Consciousness transcends the physical realm and the material world. Materialism doesn’t come close to explaining existence. Explaining how things work is a small part of the reality we find ourselves in.
  • Our Consciousness is the reason for our existence.
  • To be, to feel, to do. This is what we do.