Vern Bender


AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE FIFTH DIMENSION WILL UNIFY THE FIELD. 1ST: We exist in a 5-dimensional world, 3 dimensions of space, a 4th dimension of time, and a 5th dimension, which is the spiritual dimension. 2nd:  Science confirms the first four via a consciously derived measuring system.  science knows that the 5th dimension exists, but has yet to define it. 3rd:  The apparent paradox is:  The 5th dimension is smaller than an atom.  the distance between good and evil reposes here. 4th:  Also, time is a two way street, and we can’t perceive that.  The laws of physics are “time symmetric”,  they run just as well backwards as forward in time.  The distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion, however persistent.  The future already exists and is included in the past and visa versa. 5th The Uncertainty Principle states that there is not one future, but, many possible futures. The more you know WHAT, the less you know WHEN, and visa versa.  We only know how to predict the odds.  The Uncertainty Principle applies to all things on a contradictory basis. 6th:  To complete the Unified Field Theory: A.  THE 5TH DIMENSION NEEDS TO BE ADDED TO THE EQUATION. B.  ALL ELLIPTIC CURVES ARE MODULAR. C.  ACCELERATION KEEPS GRAVITY IN PLACE (BEGETTING MOMENTUM AND EQUILIBRIUM). D.  THE INTERPLAY OF ORDER AND CHAOS IN NATURE.  THE CONTRADICTIONS OF DUALITY. E.  THE SPACE/TIME FUSIONCREATS RIPPLES OF GRAVITY IN A CURVED, BENT, AND WARPED WAY. F.  ALL THINGS ARE TRIUNE, WITH BINARY INTERACTIVES.           sc